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Advancing God's Kingdom through Kingdom Business!
Kingdom Business

Popular Directory Categories

Here's a list of popular directory categories that you will find on the Kingdom Businesses website. It's important to remember that every listing on here is not necessarily a Kingdom Listing or Kingdom Business. We do however encourage all of our listings to put the most accurate information about their listings or services and they are vetted by our senior staff. Have fun navigating through our site.

Real Estate

This is a great place for realtors to list their properties or their services.

Home Improvement

We offer a wide variety of Home Improvement services to our customer base.


When it comes to seasonal and the holidays, we are very excited!


This is a list of the professional services offered by Kingdom Business.

Business Services Offered

  • Kingdom Business

    Owning your own business is not exactly giving everything to God. If you gave your business to God than you would be, "working in your Father's Business." Therefore, we would like to help your start or convert your business into a Kingdom Business.
  • Kingdom Builder

    Building the Kingdom is everyone's responsibility if we truly consider Christ to be our King. We would like to help you develop the time, talent and resources to empower you to be the best builder you can be.
  • Servant Leader

    Would you like to lead by serving? That's exactly what Christ did here on this earth. Check out our ministry page and get some great ideas of how to help around the community.
  • Kingdom Marketing

    We are committed in helping business grow to new heights and levels that they would not have been able to achieve on their own. We would like the opportunity to market your business and assist you in accomplishing what some consider to be impossible.
  • SEO / Internet Marketing

    Why go through the trial and error of setting up your company online. With a few short days work, WHY Kingdom Business can have you heading in the right direction online.
  • Branding Services

    "Go out and make disciples" is what the Lord commanded us to do. This is also true with the business you've been entrusted to operate, "Go out and make disciples." This comes from marketing your brand and developing a great brand awareness.

Turn you business into a Kingdom Business!

target="_blank">WHY Kingdom Business are now accepting new applicants to convert and market your business.  Our trained professional staff has prayed over every business venture and will continue to provide the best internet marketing campaigns for our clients. We specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for small business start-ups and mature organizations. Here's a list of services that WHY Kingdom Business provides.

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Businesses We Have Helped

These guys breathed life into my dream and made it a reality. How could I ever thank you guys enough. May the Lord bless each and everything you touch.
Marketing real estate has been a real challenge for us but you have made it easy. I never thought that there would be a ministry set up to help me through this part of my life.
You guys have saved my business and helped me see Kingdom in ways that I never thought possible. I thank the Lord everyday for the staff at Kingdom Business.

We are here to help! Feel free to contact us at anytime.

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